Many punters struggle to make regular profits from horse racing.

Many punters struggle to make regular profits from horse racing.

Welcome to Racing Portfolios, a horse racing betting service with a difference. And the key difference is that unlike other sites, we are not selling anything and we don’t want a penny of your money.

We know how hard it is to make a profit from betting on horse racing. Indeed it’s a frequently quoted fact that 9/10 punters lose money overall.

We’re here to show you the difference between those punters and the 1/10 that succeed. Because we know that if you get into that elite 10%, you can make a comfortable living doing something you enjoy.

As the name suggests, at Racing Portfolios we believe that the key to success is to have a range of different tipsters, systems or selection methods. By using a combination of these, you can easily smooth out any bad patches that an individual tipster or system might have. Using this approach, not only will you make a long term profit, you’ll have a much easier ride along the way.

No doubt you’re keen to get started, however we would suggest that you carefully read all of the information on this site before you do anything else. Here’s an overview of what we have in store.

Getting Started – Racing Portfolios Explained

To start with we suggest you read our article on how to build a racing portfolio. Here we explain more about what  portfolio actually is, what it comprises, and how to start building one. This is a general overview of the approach that we recommend that you use.

What Goes Into Your Portfolio?

Next, you’re ready to think about what you want to go into your portfolio. Do you want to use third party tipsters to send you their selections? Or would you like to use betting systems that give you strict criteria on how to choose the horses to bet on? Or maybe you’d prefer a more diverse portfolio that includes a mixture of both. We can offer guidance to help you choose the components that will make up your (hopefully) winning betting portfolio.

Adding Your Own Selections

In time, you may develop a deeper knowledge of horse racing which can allow you to create your own selection techniques. If these prove profitable, you can easily add them to your portfolio.

Using Promotions & Betting At Cheltenham Festival

Some punters refuse to bet on major events such as the Grand National or Cheltenham, saying it’s too hard to make a profit. However, by manipulating the bookmaker special offers that surround these events, it’s actually much easier than normal. Every major bookie has betting offers for Cheltenham and if you use these correctly, you can engineer a position which guarantees a return on specific runners. This is not something which novices should attempt, but when you’re more experienced it can be a very lucrative addition to your racing portfolio.

Treat It Like A Business

Hopefully by now you’re getting the idea that in order to succeed at betting, you need to treat it like a business. In business, a portfolio refers to the fact that a company makes its revenue in a number of different ways.

By the same token, you must make your betting revenue in different ways. You must realise that not all aspects of your portfolio will be profitable at the same time. But overall, those that make money during any given time period will compensate for those that don’t. And over time, your horse racing business comes out with an overall profit.

Maximise Revenues

Anybody who runs a successful business is always looking for ways to maximise their revenue. They do this by buying materials or labour at the cheapest price they can, and selling their goods or services at the best price they can. In betting on horse racing, you must do the same.

Many punters make the mistake of only betting with one bookmaker. They state that opening accounts with more than one bookmaker is too much trouble, and that searching for the best odds for every bet they place is not worth the hassle. Needless to say, these people never make money.

If your horse racing portfolio is to succeed, you must maintain accounts at a selection of bookmakers. You can find a list of the best horse racing bookies here. Getting the best deal is not just important, it is vital. Do not skimp when it comes to searching for the best odds. By having a choice of where you bet, you can ensure that you are always in a position to shop around for the best price. It’s simple economics.

Let’s Start…

OK, now you have a few ideas about where we’re going with this website, it’s time to make a start. You’ll need a coffee and a pen and paper. Take a look through the individual sections and start to plan out how you are going to create your winning horse racing portfolio. The bookies look scared already….