Choosing Systems

You may wish to incorporate betting systems into your portfolio. A betting system is very different to a tipster. A tipster shares his selections with you for a regular fee, but never reveals the methods he used to obtain those selections.

When you buy a system, you get the full selection criteria and you only pay a one off fee – but you have to do the work of finding the selections yourself. This can often be quite time consuming (depending on what those selection criteria are of course) and beginners might make mistakes, particularly if the criteria are complex.

Following betting systems can sometimes be a laborious process

Following betting systems can sometimes be a laborious process

You may find yourself spending several hours each week poring over racecards at the Racing Post website. This is fine for people who have the time, but for those with a busy schedule it can be impractical. There is no point in starting with a system if you know you won’t have time to see it through, so if you buy a system you need to know how long it will take to follow it.

The second consideration is which system to buy. Because, like tipsters, there are good and bad systems and the vendor will probably make outrageous claims which bear little relation to reality.

You could visit a betting system review site, but a word of caution first: most of these review sites only make money if you buy the systems. For that reason, many such sites will give positive reviews to bad systems because they want you to buy them so they earn commission. Because of the way this works, it’s very hard to completely trust a betting review site. If you do use one, make sure to read through all their reviews and note whether they actually give bad reviews to any systems. If they do, they are more likely to be trustworthy when it comes to those that they review positively!