How To Build A Racing Portfolio

Any professional gambler knows the importance of having a portfolio. Whether you use tipsters or your own systems, you need to have a range of different methods in your portfolio.

If you have been betting for any length of time, you will know that all systems or tipsters have winning and losing runs. This is perfectly normal, nobody ever wins every time they bet. However, for many people this is a problem because they lack the discipline and mentality required to continue using a system if it is in the middle of a bad run.

When you have a portfolio of systems, it is much easier to overcome any bad runs of the individual systems within that portfolio. The various methods work together to maintain overall profitability. This ensures a more consistent and regular profit for the user.

The only important factor is to ensure that all of the systems, methods or tipsters that you use are profitable over the long term. The strike rate is unimportant, because your betting bank and staking plan can be adapted to ensure that any losing runs can be easily absorbed. So your portfolio can be made up of any number of profitable methods, as long as you have the time to use them all regularly.