Your Own Selections

Once you’ve been betting on horses for a while, you may develop your own knowledge and ideas. When that happens, it’s time to think about coming up with some selection methods of your own.

racing-selectionsThe downside of this is that you will have to test your methods on paper for a period of time before backing them with real money, in order to determine whether they are genuinely profitable. The upside is that one you do develop one or more profitable methods, they will be unique to you and nobody else in the world will be using them!

There are many different statistics and criteria which punters use to come up with their own selections. Some people like to follow particular jockeys or trainers. Others specialise in certain racetracks. Or perhaps you just have an eye for horses that are likely to improve. There are many examples of punters who have made millions through methods of their own – read the book Enemy Number One for a perfect example.

You may even decide to become a tipster yourself to earn a little extra money, or to help newcomers who are trying to make a start just like you did one day. Or maybe you prefer to keep those selections to yourself and protect the prices.

Either way, using your own selections is the ultimate ambition of any professional punter. These can be incorporated slowly into your overall portfolio at first, and can then go on to replace other tipsters or systems in time.